We are reopening 4th July!

01st July 2020

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Hey Everyone! Welcome back! Hope your as excited as we are!!!!

As I’m sure you can appreciate during this Coronavirus pandemic, we as a business are having to make a lot of changes to the way we operate. We ask you to bear with us and have patience as we all get to grips with all the new challenges we are bound to encounter. We can ensure you that as a business The Bawn Lodge is doing their utmost to ensure the safety of our customers and staff, and a great deal of planning has gone in to making sure that we can both provide an enjoyable and safe environment.

As a temporary measure whilst we transition into our new service procedures, we have amended the way in which the business operates.

The Lodge Bar will be open for drink service 2-9pm

Food service will be operating 2-8pm

How is it going to work?

We will have a member of our team at the front entrance to Greet customers and seat them on an appropriately sized table (please wait to be seated and ensure the staff are aware of your group size prior to being seated).

We will be operating table service and orders will be taken at the table, we will have an online ordering system available also. No orders will be taken at the bar.

We ask for payments on delivery of drinks and initially it will be contactless / card payments only.

When drinks have been prepared, they will placed on a collection table nearby and we shall inform you that they are ready by a member of staff. We have done this in order to reduce the amount of close contact between staff and customers for everyone’s safety.

When you have finished your drinks, we ask that you return your empty glassware to the designated table and dispose of glass bottles into the glass bin.

To maintain our responsibilities to supporting social distancing measures we have to ask that ALL customers remain seated and unfortunately cannot accommodate any customers in standing areas. If bringing children, please ensure they remain seated and bring appropriate toys/iPads with them.

To make service as effortless and as quick as possible we encourage where possible ordering of drinks in groups.

Due to the allocation of tables required to ensure the safety of customers we won’t allow switching between tables and groups as well as no standing to drink around the tables.

We will have toilets available however these will be operating on a 1 in 1 out basis, so should you need to use the facilities, please ask a member of staff for assistance.

We ask that all customers be considerate of other customers as well as other customers waiting to be seated.

As a business we are following government guidelines as closely as possible. Whilst some of the procedures may seem inconvenient and unusual, please bear with the staff during this learning curve. No abuse to staff will be tolerated, the changes are as new and daunting to them too.