Confirmed beers coming to Lodge Bar Beer Fest 2014

01st August 2014

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Waen Brewery ‘Stiltskin’ 3.7% Pale Ale
Copper Dragon Brewery ‘Black Gold’ 3.7% Dark Bitter
Rudgate Brewery ‘Brew Number 8’ 3.8% Cherry Bitter
Horbeam Brewery ‘Lodge Bar Blonde’ 4.0% One Off Dry Hopped Blonde Ale
Derby Brewery ‘Barrel of Laughs’ 4% Amber Ale
Copper Dragon ‘Cobblers Cask’ 4% Bitter
Derby Brewery ‘Buzzing’ 4.4% Honey Golden Ale
Abbeydale Brewery ‘Orange and Ginger Wheat Beer 4.5% Speciality Ale
Merlins Brewery ‘Dark Magic’ 4.8% Dark Ale
Rudgate Brewery ‘Chocolate Stout’ 5% Stout
Elland Brewery ‘American IPA’ 5.3% IPA
Bradfield Brewery ‘Sixer’ 6% Pale Ale